Topologies-of-Between [Gillian Whiteley, Geoff Bright, Lyn Hodnett and Walt Shaw] work with sound, image and mark-making to conjure and provoke transformations and unsettlements within improvised performance.

6pm Thursday 19th May 2022 at Loughborough University campus  Spell-ing the Green Knowledge: an improvised performance ritual by Topologies-of-Between to celebrate ten years of Fruit Routes and to mark the passing on of the project by artist Anne-Marie Culhane to the care of the University.

Spell-ing the Green Knowledge will be performed in a yurt sited at the Barefoot Orchard on Loughborough University campus, opposite Pilkington Library.  Expect ritualistic drawing and an incantatory cacophony of wind instruments, percussion, strings, objects and voice. Join us there!

A full programme of events is available  Fruit Routes programme May 2022