bricolagekitchen emerges from preoccupations with the art and politics of improvisation, bricolage, assemblage and trash.

bricolagekitchen (aka Gillian Whiteley) is an  artist, researcher, curator, improviser (voice/accordions/hurdy-gurdy/keyboards/violin and objects) working across creative-critical boundaries in various collaborations with other creative thinkers, practitioners, writers and improvisers e.g. in Alchemy/Schmalchemy, Les Petroleuses and as a member of the Sheffield-based anti-choir Juxtavoices.

I am  a Senior Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture based at School of the Arts, English & Drama at Loughborough University.  Research interests include historical and contemporary theories and practices of creative dissent, ludic protest, art activism, sites of transitory utopia, bricolage and detritus and various trans-disciplinary practices and cultural production within socio-political contexts.

With members of the Politicized Practice Research Group, Anarchist Research Group and Theatre and Performance Research Groups at Loughborough University, I am currently working on collaborative projects around Re-imagining Citizenship,  Art Activism and Political Violence and Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer.

Also see my webpage on academia