Drawings for Johnny Hunter Quartet Studies in Lockdown

Following on from my Isolation Improv Drawing Series, I was invited by percussionist Johnny Hunter to create a series of three spontaneous performance drawings/collage in direct response to three studies from Johnny Hunter Quartet’s Studies in Lockdown. With no prior listening,  I played them on my laptop, responding spontaneously with a range of alcohol inks, Indian and shellac inks, various soluble graphite sticks, wax and oil crayons, recycled packaging, found papers, using wooden sticks and my own home-grown bamboo on Yupo papers.

Matter, marks and hues swirl and merge through the piece as the alcohol inks become actants in the improvisatory process. The subtle aural effects of drawing and tearing corrugated paper intervene and extend aspects of the sonic improvisation, adding new layers to the composition.

Click on the images below to watch the videos of the performance drawings [Johnny Hunter Quartet is Mark Hanslip : tenor saxophone/ Graham South : trumpet/ Seth Bennett : bass/  Johnny Hunter : drums]






Study 4






Study 5






Study 6

June 2021