bricolagekitchen (aka gillian whiteley) is a multifaceted project space for creative and critical practice. it initiates collaborations with visual and performance artists, soundsmiths and wordmongers in an exploration of the ideas, narratives and processes of improvisation and the makeshift.

research focuses on trans-disciplinary practices and cultural production within socio-political contexts, from cultural activism, artists' collectives and various forms of radical, countercultural practice and theory from the 1960s through to contemporary practice.

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alchemy/magic/tricksterism/pranks/praxis/Provo/occupations/anti-capitalist movements/foraging/feralism/ecologies/ecosophies/actant matter/dark matter/thing power/object ontologies/sensuous enchantment of stuff/discourses of imagination/affectivity and effectivity/rubbish/trash and more trash/protest and performance/aesthetics of ruin/mess/chaos/, pan-demonium goes on...