Les Petroleuses


Les temps de cerises is nigh…






Les Petroleuses (improvising arsonists Lyn Hodnett and Gillian Whiteley) do a slow burn, kindle the flames and rip it up sonically, visually and vocally on cello, violin, trumpet, hurdy-gurdy, accordions, wind-up record player, pixiphone, scissors, paper, stone, graphite, vocals, things that jangle, assorted objects, other stuff and whatever takes our fancy…

Sparks may fly…but always expect a blazing din and a warm glow

Listen to one of our live improv sessions on SoundCloud  here   

[live improvisation recorded March 2019 with trumpet, cello, violin, hurdy-gurdy, piano accordion, wind-up record player, scissors, paper, graphite, vocals and a multitude of assorted objects…]

Upcoming Performances

8pm Friday 12th July 2019, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield – free event

8pm Monday 25th March 2019, Notes and Sounds,  University Arms, Sheffield