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 [the gathering…the chewing] Geoff Bright and Gillian Whiteley,  Re-so[u]rceries and Re-sonations at Treignac Projet, France  – installation and three performances:  1. Mouvement et commande variateur: Circlips 10E 2. Amplification: Rondelle Z8 U  3. Ensemble de memoire   16 August 2019                                                                                                                                           

• Les Petroleuses multimedia performance at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, 12 July 2019

• Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book (joint introduction and co-editor with Fred Dalmasso and Ruth Kinna) also includes Whiteley ‘Be a Citizen Pamphleteer!’ (pp.66-68), online pdf available at

Book and archive exhibited at Palazzo Mora, European Cultural Centre, Venice Biennale May to November 2019



• Les Petroleuses multimedia performance at University Arms, Sheffield, 25 March, 2019


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July 2017 – Presented live art multimedia performance as part of Alchemy/Schmalchemy– ‘Onto-epistemological hoodoo: Putting a Barad text to work in intra-active-improv!’ at Summer Institutute in Qualitative Research: Putting theory to workat Manchester Metropolitan University

For & Against! The Art of the Pamphlet, Charnwood Museum, Loughborough, 26 May 2017 – 26 Jun 2017 (Exhibition)







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