Re-so[u]rceries and Re-sonations at Treignac Projet

Re-so[u]rceries and Re-sonations at Treignac Projet

Wednesday 13 August – Friday 15 August 2019                                                                  

(Video of live performances + installation on exhibition  at Treignac Project till Sunday 15 September 2019)

[the gathering…the chewing] is a live event-space created by UK-based artist-improvisors Gillian Whiteley and Geoff Bright that works with two intermingled hemispheres: Re-so[u]rceries and Re-sonationsRe-so[u]rceries sets up a productive collision between sorcery and source materials brought together in a durational site-based practice. Re-sonations is primarily a sonic performance mode that chews up words, imagery, texts and clashing idioms from improv, through incantatory folk music to misophonic repetition.

From Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 August, [the gathering…the chewing] was immersed in the multiple materialities, sonic possibilities and organic environment of the Treignac Projet, creating a site-specific installation and three live improvised micro-performances, during Friday 15 August 2019.

Treignac Projet is on the site of an earlier 20thcentury textile mill and a knitting-machine assembly factory that closed in the 1990s. Our installation and performances were attuned to these histories and assembled from raw and manufactured materials, text found within the site, and free improvisations on violin, soprano saxophone, shruti-box and voice.

The found text was the Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mecaniques de Mulhouse: Catalogue de Pieces Detachees, a brochure for knitting machine parts assembled at the Treignac works. Each performance title is taken from a different machine part description in that brochure and the vocalisations in Ensemble de memoire are fragmentations of specific component names.

The built installation was an assemblage of parts and materials which instantiates our ‘reso[u]rcery’ of the space as a kind of machinic/organic, post-industrial magic circle. This circle, primarily inspired by a catalogue diagram becomes – in Ensemble de memoire– the performative node for the ‘re-sonation’ of the multiple materialities that abound in the site.


See Photo gallery of the project here

Watch a short video of excerpts of the three performances here


1 Mouvement et commande variateur:    Circlips 10E

(Location: metal bridge between buildings   Duration: approx 8 mins)

Watch the video here




2 Amplification:                            Rondelle Z8 U

(Location: stairwell. Duration: approx 4 mins)

Watch the video here



3 Ensemble de memoire

(Location: at installation on 3rd floor. Duration: approx 25 mins)

Watch the video here