[the gathering…the chewing]

[the gathering…the chewing] are Geoff Bright and Gillian Whiteley

[the gathering…the chewing] is a performance practice that works with two related hemispheres: Re-so[u]rceries and Re-sonations, both of which are inspired by the problematic of the pharmakon (the idea that ‘in poison be physic’).

Re-so[u]rceries sets up a productive collision between sorcery and source materials brought together in a durational site-specific practice.

Re-sonations is primarily a sonic performance that chews up concepts, words, imagery, texts and clashing idioms from militant free jazz, through incantatory folk to misophonic repetition. Manifestations might sometimes combine both hemispheres or focus on one.

[the gathering…the chewing] will gather, reap, pick, forage, glean, chew, ruminate, masticate, re-gurgitate, vomit, spit out and spew


Re-sonations often involve improvisation on soprano/tenor/bass saxophones, piano accordion, melodeon, hurdy-gurdy, violin, shruti box, harmonium, recorders, pixiephone, whistles, toys, voices and speaking in tongues…

Gorbachev and the elephant’s lament           listen here

25 mins live improvisation using bass and soprano saxes, violin, hurdy-gurdy, recorder, shruti box, piano accordion, pixiephone  recorded 10 April 2019


someone held out his open hand  listen here  

live improvisation using voices, violin and shruti box recorded on the eve of the Super Blood Wolf Moon  20 January 2019


He’s only moved in next door!

listen here

live vocal  improvisation recorded at The Limes 15 March 2019





Biffo’s petite bouffe

listen here

live improvisation piano accordion, bass sax and vocals recorded at The Limes 15 March 2019




listen here

live improvisation violin and soprano sax recorded at The Limes 15 March 2019