bricolagekitchen prints’n’paper 

bricolagekitchen prints’n’paper is a Sheffield-based artist, pamphleteer and printmaker with a back story in the city’s metal industries (and grandfather in the ‘rag’n’bone’ and ‘scrap-tatting’ trade.) My practice focuses on the re-use and re-invention of discarded and devalued materials.

As bricolagekitchen prints’n’paper, I salvage packaging, discarded books, public works handbooks, battered maps and architectural blueprints as a basis for Adana and letterpress handprinted pamphlets, notebooks, and mini-posters which highlight the politics, ethics and aesthetics of working with ‘rubbish’. I fabricate in the heart of the scrap trade, in Attercliffe in Sheffield, at a studio in CADS Eagle Foundry Works, formerly the palatial offices for steel manufacturers Castmaster Rolls.

Salvage series  includes a range of printed items featuring 19thc Sheffield dialect words for rubbish and scrapkelterment, joram, mullock, and tag-rag. Mini-posters are handprinted letterpress on Adana on found and salvaged packaging paper, early 20thc maps and French public works handbooks with photomontaged motifs cutout from discarded classic texts.

See my related publications such as Junk: Art and Politics of Trash (2011) and co-edited (with Jane Tormey) Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer(2021).

Contact me at if you would like any items. Note: 50% of funds received by bricolagekitchen for artworks will go to social movements archive Sparrows’ Nest, Nottingham.

YOWL at Dubrek in Derby Saturday 18th Feb 2023

Listen here to Dubrek audio clip

DUBREK Derby, 67, Bridge Street  DE1 3LB  Saturday February 18th  £5 on the door – doors open 7.30pm

YOWL Gill Whiteley – piano, viola, hurdy-gurdy, voice, Geoff Bright – bass, tenor, and soprano saxophones, voice,  Walt Shaw – percussion, electronics , voice,  Lyn Hodnett – voice, cello, trumpet, objects

“Free improv collective YOWL cook sonic collisions across an accelerating event-space from whispered zero right through to the scream of libidinal wrench.

Expect a weird conjunct of wind, voices, strings, percussion and full-on animal bodies pushing towards a maximal threshold of intensity.”

Geoff, Gill, Lyn and Walt have worked together in different collaborations in duos, trios, & larger groups for many years, but this particular quartet is new and is being brought to Derby from Sheffield, Wales and Burton-on-Trent

There will also be an exciting set from William McGiven. Will is a free form DJ on His sets always surprise, shock, amaze and innovate

Helling Nelly at University Arms Sheffield Monday 26th September 2022

@ The University Arms, 197 Brook Hill, Sheffield, S3 7GH
Monday 26th September, 8pm. £5

Lyn Hodnett, Helen Papaioannou & Gill Whiteley
Prepare for a spontaneous kinetic performance as Helling Nelly play with an array of objects, materials and instruments, including trumpet, cello, baritone sax, hurdy-gurdy, chapel harmonium, scissors, tape, cardboard boxes and sculptural trails of paper. Warning: things could get messy!

Dean Honer & Will Goddard
Electronics, tapes and guitar
Spontaneous explorations of new idioms possibly
1st outing of this Sheffield saxophone duo. Parping, quacking & skronking aplenty

Topologies-of-Between perform Spell-ing the Green Knowledge at Loughborough 19 May 2022

6pm Thursday 19th May 2022 at Loughborough University campus  Spell-ing the Green Knowledge: an improvised performance ritual by Topologies-of-Between to celebrate ten years of Fruit Routes and to mark the passing on of the project by artist Anne-Marie Culhane to the care of the University. See the programme of events here.

fruitroutes10yearspd Fruit Routes programme May 2022

Topologies-of-Between [Gillian Whiteley, Geoff Bright, Lyn Hodnett and Walt Shaw] work with sound, image and mark-making to conjure and provoke transformations and unsettlements within improvised performance.