bricolagekitchen brings together art, politics and multi-media improvisation . As artist-improviser (working with performative drawing, voice, piano, piano accordion, harmonium, melodica, pixiephone, hurdy-gurdy, violin, viola, shruti-box and various objects) I practise across creative-critical boundaries primarily with Geoff Bright in various collaborations [the gathering…the chewing], [J]a[B]a[W], Alchemy/Schmalchemyand with others, eg in  50:50 Blank Canvas Octet onlineLes Petroleuses  I was a founder member of the Sheffield-based anti-choir Juxtavoices (as featured on Radio 3 Late Junction, in a live improvisation session at Maida Vale studios with Matmos and their washing machines.)

Honorary Fellow in Art History and Visual Culture at Loughborough University.  Interests include historical and contemporary theories and practices of creative dissent, art activism, bricolage and cultural practices and production within socio-political contexts.

With members of the Politicized Practice Research Group, Anarchist Research Group and Theatre and Performance Research Groups at Loughborough University, I have worked on collaborative projects around Re-imagining Citizenship and   Art Activism and Political Violence .



I am co-organiser of RadicalArt-RadicalAesthetics (with Jane Tormey) and editor of RaRa book series for Bloomsbury. A recent publication is  Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer, in collaboration with Little Riot Press.