Les Petroleuses, Together/Apart under Lockdown February 2021

Lyn Hodnett (piano, flugelhorn, bowed psaltery, mandolin, drum and cymbal, brass pestel and mortar, cloth, paper, scissors, voice) plus performance drawing

Gill Whiteley (chapel harmonium, wind-up gramophone salvaged from steelworks, 1950s radios, objects, voice) plus performance drawing

Still trying to rip it up together – even though we are still apart. In our third manifestation under Covid lockdown, we each independently created a freely improvised audio track and exchanged them.  Then we made spontaneous drawings in our separate locations (Gill in Sheffield and Lyn in Bala, Wales) whilst listening to each other’s audio. Audio tracks and video were then compiled by Gill.

Our video was premiered on 21st March 2021 as part of the Matriarchal Mopomoso, a live-streamed collection of videos shown on Mopomoso TV dedicated to women in improvisation.

Watch the video here