50:50 Online project The Blank Canvas Octet Live on Zoom 6/13/20/27 January 2021

Through last year, I have been part of the 50:50 online Blank Canvas Octet – a project exploring free improvisation in music in a large ensemble context. Since last March, we have done over 40 weekly zoom sessions.  The ‘system 50:50` uses chess clocks to bring cohesion to the sound field which can often become cluttered. The result is a dynamic and shifting canvas of sound that allows small discreet sounds to be heard and deeper layers to be felt and expressed. Its been an exciting project to participate in.

Interested in just listening in/ being a member of the audience? Get more info here


Eagle Works, Attercliffe


bricolagekitchen is now based at CADS studios, Eagle Works, Stevenson Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield – pic features fabulous bit of steelworkers kitsch in the mirror mural on the staircase – maker unknown

[the gathering…the chewing] and Phil Morton’s 50:50 online project Blank Canvas Octet

Gillian Whiteley and Geoff Bright [the gathering…the chewing] have been part of Phil Morton’s weekly 50:50 online Blank Canvas Octet improvised music sessions since the first days of the lockdown in March 2020.  Seventeen zoom sessions have taken place so far with the next live streamed session on  Youtube on Wednesday 9th September 2020. Join us then and see/hear how we are working with the affordances and constraints of online platforms as a site for improvisation. 

Isolation Improv Drawing series


Under the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’, sonic improvisors are isolated from their ‘playing’ mates – so in March, I started this ongoing series of spontaneous performative drawings by asking people to send me a recording (5 mins max) of freely improvised sound, using whatever they want – voice, objects, musical instruments – see how I responded here

Isolated Mass #9 Thurs 21st May 2020

The video performances of my Isolation Improv Drawing series  (with sonics by Geoff Bright, John Jasnoch, Nathan Bethany and Mick Beck) will be shown tonight at ISOLATED MASS #9 as part of Kerry Hindmarsh’s online live gigs showing through the ‘lockdown’. Other artists include Ashtray Navigations, Garlic Hug and Jeroen Diepenmaat. Join Telegram app and search for ISOLATED MASS to view at 8pm.