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bricolagekitchen takes Pan-demonium to The Knot in Berlin
Saturday 29th May 2010
in collaboration with oneoftheroughs/ The Shape of the Inconstruable Question

Every spontaneous ‘coming together’ in live improvisation establishes a transitory utopian space of possibility, a short-lived site of cultural resistance. Free improvisation promises a new community in a permanent state of re-formation and potentiality. But what are the affective possibilities of disorder and noise? Can the utopic potenza of Pan-demonium  challenge the current global political and economic situation - one in which the hegemonic forces of order have been overwhelmed by a dynamic of chaos and disorder, turning the world 'upside-down'? Pan-demonium offers a viral stratagem to disrupt global capitalism and its 'devils', its pan-demons and pan-demics. Following the Pan-demonium project in New York in 2009, bricolagekitchen and The Shape of the Inconstruable Question will explore the creation of a transitory utopian space both discursively and through a pan-demonic performance/cacophonic suite of argumentative, text-based, instrumental and vocal improvisation.


bricolagekitchen is a multifaceted project space for creative-critical practice, emerging from preoccupations with the art and politics of improvisation and trash. In 2009, she presented Pan-demonium at the AC Institute, New York, featuring the work of over 50 sonic, visual and text-based artists. The Shape of the Inconstruable Question, brought together by oneoftheroughs, is an improvisatory performance project exploring the utopian impulse. 

for more general information on The Knot project project read on .......

The Knot
linking the existing with the imaginary
mobile unit for artistic production and presentation in berlin, warsaw and bucharest


The physical core of the project consists in a specially designed structure, adaptable to different urban situations, easily expandable and transportable. Conceived by architectural office raumlabor Berlin, this unit responds to the programmatic needs of the KNOT project, comprising different functions such as: production/manufacture workshop, kitchen, café, laboratory, classroom, stage, dormitory, disco, exhibition space, and archive.


Through its unexpected presence in the city, THE KNOT proposes a model for social interaction, thus being not so much a container as a transformer, creating new ways in which the public space could be used and produced. The participants invited by the curatorial collective to activate THE KNOT put forward not only their professional skills, but also their physical company, their desires and imaginative will. They become temporary members of a protean and nomad crew, acting both as hosts and guests in a shared and welcoming place.

At the intersection between the real and the imaginary, THE KNOT is an initial point where a thorough examination of the relationships between the individual, the group and the place of interaction is undertaken. The project responds to the increasingly normative way in which these relationships are defined in our current societies. Envisioning alternative behaviours in the city, based on cooperation and self-empowerment is one of the main tasks of THE KNOT. Also of actual relevance is to explore what is left of collective ideals or how one can overcome the current conditions of harsh economic competition and the tendency towards national or ethnic isolation. Temporary communities are the tool of creating another notion of a “promised city”, apart from its capitalist vision.


The project takes its inspiration from and links back to the cities of Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest, always with references to other cities wherefrom the participants originate or live. Personal and institutional partnerships in each place make THE KNOT a living organism which is integrated in the life of the city. At the same time an obstacle disrupting the daily habits and rituals, and an autonomous zone of experiment, THE KNOT provokes and satisfies the public with every object, performance, installation, action, screening, party, discussion, meeting, workshop, dinner or other activity which takes place in and around it.
Through its flexible programme and innovative appearance, THE KNOT will become a landmark in the city of today and a reference point in a broader discussion on the urban network of tomorrow.

the artists
residents, fellows, guests, workshops und plug-ins

THE KNOT will be in fact gathering a quite significant group of artists, urbanists, architects, intellectuals, theoreticians and activists in every city. We‘ve chosen to implement different styles of work with them, depending on the scale of involvement, type of contribution, time spent within the KNOT, the amount of resources available for conducting new commission. Taking it all in consideration we have distinguished five different ways in which we will work with invited cultural producers:

KNOT residents (8 people - Pola Dwurnik (PL), Roman Dziadkiewicz (PL), h.arta (RO), Kathatina Koch (DE/RO), Heimo Lattner (DE / AT), Kai Schiemenz (DE), TAG (NL), Michelle Teran (CA)) - these are artists who will follow KNOT in all 3 cities, having an opportunity to develop their work in the course of time & space, tune it to various urban contexts. They will be members of core crew of The KNOT. We assembled this team, having in mind different styles of work and functions they could play inside. There are artists who will work more with subjective documentation of the KNOT (Pola Dwurnik, Katharina Koch), discursive production connected with community building (h.arta, TAG), conducting artistic processes and experiments on the verge of private and public (Roman Dziadkiewicz), performatively involving the public (Michelle Teran, Heimo Lattner), working with architectural set up of The KNOT (Kai Schiemenz). We tried to keep balance between people linked with every respective city - Berlin, Warsaw, Bucuresti - so they will be able to change roles of hosts / quests, guides / visitors between each other.

KNOT fellows (9 artists / groups in Berlin and Warsaw, 6 artists / groups in Bucuresti) - these are artists who will be commissioned to work on site / context / public specific production for particular spot in every city. It will work more like a traditional commissioning process, with more limited time and spatial involvement. We will keep half / half balance between people coming from the particular city and guests coming from abroad, as a way to create additional links with the city and its publics. Currently we are in the process of assembling teams of KNOT fellows for every city.

KNOT guests (24 people in Berlin and Warsaw, 9 people in Bucuresti) - these are people who will provide an intensive program of one day / evening events - like lectures, performances, talks, events - and will be invited with already done formats - which will be enacted in the frame of the KNOT.

KNOT workshops (5 days in every city)

KNOT plug-ins - will be additional events, organized by partners (like X - wohnungen in Warsaw), for which the KNOT will serve as a platform / infrastructure.

the locations
berlin, warsaw, bucharest

In Warsaw and Berlin, The KNOT will follow a similar time pattern, with changing rhythm of work intensity, structured around 3 spaces and milestone events:

OPENING EVENT in Site 1 - will happen in the central location respectively of Berlin and Warsaw, focused on rising public attention and interest. The KNOT appearance will be short (3-4 days), but very intensive - with lectures, concerts, presentations, openings of 2-3 new commissions of artists.

Berlin, Leipziger Platz    28. - 30.04.2010
Warschau, Palace of Culture   16. - 20.06.2010
Bukarest   08. - 10.10.2010

berlin, warsaw, bucharest

MIDWAY EVENT, WORKSHOP FINALE  in Site 2 - after couple of days of rest, KNOT will move to more remote urban location, where a new program of talks and commissions will start, focusing more on a processual work, community building and workshops. The 2nd or 3rd weekend of The KNOT will be devoted to workshop presentation and events related to it.

Berlin, Mariannenplatz    15. - 16.05.2010
Warschau, at the river bank,
Praga side     04. - 06.07.2010

berlin, warsaw, bucharest

CLOSING EVENT in Site 3 - after the finish of workshops the KNOT will move again to its final location - again the program will be held for around 5 days / week, and it will be closed with more intensive closing weekend, connected with good bye party, summarizing the visit of KNOT in Berlin and Warsaw.

The time and spatial plan in Bucuresti is still under consideration, due to more limited financial capabilities and organizational specificity.

Berlin, Tempelhof    28. - 30.05.2010
Warschau, either •oliborz,
Mokotow, Wola, or Brodno   15. - 16.07.2010
Bukarest   28. - 31.10.2010