The Improviser’s Experience: Knowledge, Methodology, Communication – online at University of Huddersfield 18/19 March 2021

Geoff Bright, Anton Hunter and Gill Whiteley performed and presented at this two-day online event exploring the improviser’s experience.  Our intention was to problematise, through performance, how ‘power’ in different forms – in this case ‘instructions’ – might influence knowledge produced in improvised performance, and how that process may differ between structured or ‘free’ improvisation settings. ( For full abstracts of presentations at the event see here)

Following the 10 mins performance (5 mins with instructions not known to the other players + 5 mins free improv), we then conducted an in-depth reflective discussion of the subjectively experienced differences in power relations between the two performance phases.  Time restrictions at the event meant we were unable to include the discussion in our presentation at the workshop but its available  here  below.