‘Calling-in’ les petroleuses – an improvised performance by Polimprov July 3 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

This multimedia performance by collaborative artist-improvisers, Gillian Whiteley and Geoff Bright, forms the final phase of the current exhibition at MayDay Rooms. It reactivates the names of women activists in the 1871 Paris Commune – les petroleuses – in an entanglement of instrumental invention, field recordings and exhibition audio materials. It will also include an optional element of audience participation, co-producing a dynamic performance ‘re-sonating’ and ‘re-verb-orating’ the political significance of these women’s lives. As the event will launch Gillian and Geoff’s latest project Polimprov, a discussion will follow on the possibilities of deep political listening and experimental improvisation as an inherently anti-capitalist practice.

Free event – drinks and nibbles – all welcome!

Sign up here: https://events.maydayrooms.org/e/29/calling-in-les-petroleuses-an-improvised-performance-by-polimprov