yellpawsqueezescrapebash  – YELLPSS for short – are Sheffield-based Geoff Bright (saxes and voice) Richard Jackson (percussion) and Gillian Whiteley (hurdy-gurdy, shruti-box, violin, accordion). We work across and sometimes intermingle two performance paradigms, with instrumentation choices responding to site-specific opportunities. Our range runs from minimally tentative acoustic exploration, through chant, rant and post-industrial field holler to full-on heavy-duty ruckus. Expect a crash-up somewhere between micro-tonal plainsong, string band rip-offs and insurgent ‘up-North’ Fire Music.

Geoff Bright is an improviser who attempts to wring as much yearning, violence, tenderness and havoc as possible from the extremities of acoustic and amplified saxophone and voice – mainly because he just can’t help it, but also in the damaged hope that it’s somehow redemptive.

Richard Jackson used to bang drums in rock bands. Since his ears stopped ringing he has begun to explore the possibilities of hitting things with less force. He also likes to make tiny drum kits (so they fit in the car). He performs standing up, sitting down or on the floor.

Gillian Whiteley is an artist-improvisor operating as bricolagekitchen. She dabbles in various forms of ludic dissent, performative drawing and pamphleteering, collaborating sonically with voice, violin, melodeon, piano accordion, keyboards, shruti-box, hurdy-gurdy and other stuff.